As one of the larger clubs in the Association we need your support and participation with umpiring. 

Please remember that without umpires, our club members would not have a game of netball to enjoy.

Netball umpiring isn’t just about rules application. Umpires help keep the game safe, fair, and fun for everyone. Not to mention developing personal skills like communication, resilience, and leadership. Netball umpiring is also a great pathway into the world of professional sport. There are plenty of opportunities, plus clear development systems for those wanting to officiate at the highest level.


Everything you need to know about umpiring…


Who can umpire?

Anyone with an understanding of the rules who is passionate about umpiring. At Rangers we have both players, parents, siblings, and community members who choose to become umpires. Anyone 18 years or over must obtain a Blue Card to become an umpire.

You need to be 13 years old (or turning 13 during the year) to start umpiring.


How do you become an Umpire?

You must register your interest to Umpire for the 2023 season by September 1st, 2022.


This will allow us to gather our applicants and start you on your way to umpiring for Rangers in 2023. Each year, the Club must balance their current Umpires and determine how many trainee umpires are required for the coming season. This may mean that not every applicant will be selected this coming year.

There will be no intake for 2023 after this date!


Mandatory Requirements:

·     Turning a minimum of 13 years of age in 2023.

·     Attend a Basic Umpiring Course at WDNA. Dates for the course will be emailed to nominees.

·     Applicants must be available to begin their training at the WDNA Twilight season held over 6 weeks in Term 4. This is a Junior Social competition for 8 - 13-year old’s that commences on the 12th of October and finishes on the 16th of NovemberThese games (held weekly on a Wednesday evening) are a valuable source of training for our rookie umpires.

·     Complete the Online Rules of Netball Theory Exam.


The Rules of Netball Theory Examination tests the basic rules of the game. This is a Netball Australia Course (cost $12.50) and a prerequisite for Umpire Trainees. It is an online examination that is accessible all year. A certificate is generated for all candidates who achieve a pass (70% or above). The most recent examination mark is the current result and Pass marks are valid for four years.  It is highly recommended that prior to commencing this exam you read a copy of the Rules of Netball (2020). The Club are happy to reimburse the cost of this exam.


The Rules of Netball online exam can be found here: .


What happens next…

Once the above has been completed and you have been accepted into the program the following occurs.

1.   You will be assigned junior games to umpire. You will have a Mentor working with you to assist with your calls and confidence with the whistle.

2.   You will progress to umpiring junior games without a Mentor. Mentors however are always available for assistance and will routinely drop by to assist in your learning and development.

3.   When you are deemed ready, you will be assessed for your WDNA Umpiring Accreditation. Upon completion of the WDNA accreditation you will receive the official Umpiring shirt and a pay increase.

4.    Pathways exist for development to C Badge and higher accreditations.  Opportunities also exist to umpire for carnivals, Twilight, and Night seasons throughout the year.


Badges and Award Payments for Umpiring…

Trainee - $10 per game

WDNA Accreditation - $15 per game

National C Badge - $20 per game

National B Badge - $30 per game


Umpiring Uniform

All umpires must wear a white top until they receive their WDNA accreditation and receive their umpire’s shirt. Each umpire must supply their own whistle.


Rangers Umpires

We are always happy to support our Umpires and provide pathways and opportunities to our members. Umpiring is great to learn…it can be challenging at times but is far more often a rewarding journey that provides enjoyment and builds confidence.

Detailed information regarding Umpiring at Western Districts Association can be found at 

Rangers look forward to welcoming you on your Umpiring journey.

Umpire appreciation day


Netball Australia have advised the new Netball Learning (previously LMS) is now live. So, for any coaching or umpiring accreditation or exam related requirements will now be on this system.


For example:

Rules of Netball online exam

Foundation Umpire Education course

Coaching Courses: Foundation, Development, Intermediate, Advanced…


Coaching courses will be dependent on the facilitators availability and will take some setting up by the Coach Development Advisor so participants can register.


  1. The link for this Netball Learning system is and there is a help desk for any assistance.


  1. The Netball Qld website has a new umpire development piece, that is based around the existing Community Umpire Toolkit, but as we await Netball Australia to publish an updated version, NQ have uploaded something else that is user friendly in a PowerPoint format so certain sections can be rearranged to suit the umpire group or what the facilitator is wanting to skip to.


§ Click on this link

§ Then search the Umpire Development Guide 2022

§ This is the participant version; NQ will need to be contacted by umpire convenors or umpire coaches to reply with the facilitators version which includes the answers. 

§ Scroll down further in the resources section, there is the Introduction to Umpiring, and Introduction for Umpire Convenors.


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Rangers Netball Club respectfully acknowledges the Jagera People as the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the land on which our club is based. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging. We also wish to recognise the tremendous contribution that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people make to sport, in particular Netball in Queensland.

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